Lamboo Incorporated

Our Company

Lamboo Inc. is a technology, and manufacturing company founded from the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientist, and biotechnology specialist on the forefront of cutting edge, sustainable design technology for the residential and commercial construction industries worldwide.                            

Lamboo, Inc. produces engineered structural bamboo for architectural applications. Bamboo, as a building product, offers enhanced performance over traditional forms of construction material. Integrating bamboo’s natural attributes into the Lamboo laminated process has created a superior structural building material that offers benefits to the environment, the construction industry, and architects/engineers throughout the world.

Our Mission

Our mission here at Lamboo Inc. is to develop and supply the most efficient, renewable resources available for structural and architectural applications within the construction and manufacturing industries. Lamboo Inc. and its partners envision a world where engineered structural bamboo is easily integrated into existing architecture and design. By reducing the construction industries’ devastation of countless forests and by promoting “green” building within our global communities, we are committed to making a positive impact on our world.

Through research and proprietary technology, our innovative group of material scientists, architects, and engineers are focused on developing specific and new trend-setting processes that will aid in the recovery of our natural ecosystems. Through streamlined logistics, multiple source locations, and manufacturing facilities throughout Africa, Central and South America, China, & Vietnam, we are able to efficiently supply any market wishing to utilize these innovative materials and supply any design professional, contractor, or manufacturer and their facilities worldwide.

Lamboo is an engineered, high performance bamboo product for both interior and exterior design applications. There are five product lines that we offer to the market currently as sustainable alternatives to standard building materials and composites currently used in today’s building industry. Our product lines vary in application from structural members to high grade veneer, from luxury yacht interiors to curtain wall systems and everywhere in between.

Our manufacturing processes uses 15% less embodied energy than that of engineered wood and 300% less embodied energy than aluminum and steel. Lamboo on average is 20% more stable than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension and 3 times stronger mechanically.  We have isolated 4 out of the 1600 species of bamboo to be used for all of its architectural and structural applications. Lamboo is produced from only mature plants, anywhere from their 4th to 6th year of life to allow for optimal hardness and strength. The growth rate and potential offered by bamboo make it a great resource for the construction industry.

Bamboo is a plant that’s origin dates back to prehistoric times. Many years and many uses later, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It is technically a grass found on nearly every continent; it can grow in the mountains, the tropics and even in the Southern United States. There are nearly 1600 different species of bamboo. Although at times bamboo resembles trees, it differs from them in growth patterns and plant structure. Bamboo has two growth patterns; clumping and running root systems. These root systems create a natural bio filter for storm water runoff; while staying in natural clumped balls prevents soil erosion.

Bamboo growth world map (image)

Bamboo also produces 30% more oxygen than a like sized timber forest area and sequesters 35% more carbon than its tree counter parts. These differences allow bamboo to grow faster and straighter than any known tree species.

At Lamboo Inc., we pride ourselves on sustainability, strength, and innovation.



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I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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