New partnership with Splinakis Ship Design

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with Splinakis Ship Design within the nautical industry for mega-yacht designs and interiors reaching for sustainability. Andrea Splinakis, in below picture, is the owner of Splinakis Ship Design that is based out of Italy with other locations in Nigeria and Korea. With this partnership in place, ships and yachts can reach a greater potential by implementing products like LAMBOO® ELITE™ nautical grade bamboo within projects to achieve a “green”, modernly designed yacht or ship.

Series consists of our engineered bamboo panels, components, & veneer designed specifically for the aviation and nautical industry. LAMBOO® ELITE™ material is a premium, higher performing product for custom applications in nautical and aviation interiors and includes proprietary adhesives that resist moisture as well as embedded flame retardants. LAMBOO® ELITE™ Panels & Veneer are able to be stained or dyed to match most colors, and can accept high gloss finishes specific to project requirements. LAMBOO® ELITE™ grade panels are up to 30% more stable in moisture and temperature changes, have a similar density to other exotic hardwoods, and can be fabricated using conventional woodworking equipment.



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I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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