Lamboo partnership with Dover Windows & Doors

Lamboo Inc. is proud to partner with Dover Windows & DoorsBelle Haven Specialties to provide superior window & door and curtain wall systems. Dover carries a variety of products and through this partnership offers beautiful structurally sound systems using materials from Lamboo’s Vue™ and Renewall™ through product lines.

Curtainwall systems are ideal for use where large expanses of glass are needed. Unlike modular installations, curtainwall systems allow for onsite assembly and are not limited in size. This eliminates awkward design problems like unwanted mullions and allows for a more continuous flow in the overall design. Operable inserts can be placed in any appropriately sized section of the layout. Dover offers inswing and outswing venting lites in both manually operated and fully automatic motorized systems. Door details have also been tailored to complement the clean sitelines of the curtainwall assembly.

Combining this European design with the functionality and innovation of Lamboo Renewall™ products, architects are able to design systems that are far superior in terms of both strength and durability compared to traditional systems. Using Renewall™ products can attain up to 5 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits in qualifying projects (Click here for additional information).

Dover also offers a wide range window & door systems including: Tilt/turn casements, European Overlay doors, Open Corner & Pocketing doors, Exterior cladding, and much more. Integrating Lamboo Vue™ products into these systems is not only environmentally friendly, but better performing as well. Beautiful Dover/Lamboo systems can be adapted for any use where wood is traditionally used.

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Kolbe Windows & Doors featuring Lamboo Vue materials

Through research, design, and product testing Lamboo Inc. has created a material specifically for window and door systems in the Lamboo® Vue™ product series. Through our partner companies, like Kolbe Windows & Doors, Lamboo brings to the market a higher performance product that is also environmentally friendly.

(Heritage Series commercial door application of Lamboo in Pier One Imports retail location. 1100 stores scheduled for similar refit.)

The Heritage Series from Kolbe features the integration of Lamboo Vue materials into traditional window and door systems. Kolbe provides a variety of window systems to match customer needs and preferences which include: Casements, Awnings, Double hungs, Sliders, Radius, Geometric, and Tilt-turn systems with a wide range of personalization within each category. The Door systems in the Heritage series include: Sliding patio, swinging patio, folding, entrance, and commercial (as pictured above). These systems integrated with Lamboo materials create a product that is unmatched in terms of both aesthetics and performance. As mentioned in the picture above Pier One Imports is taking full advantage of these long lasting systems in their nationwide store refit.

The video above is an example of the Kolbe Ultra Series which is a product line from Kolbe that features the integration of Lamboo Vue materials with an aluminum clad exterior. This series gives project managers that need the flexibility of aluminum clad exteriors with a higher performing wood alternative.

Kolbe will be representing their products at the 2012 International Builders’ Show February 8th -11th in Orlando Florida. The NAHB International Builders’ Show (IBS) is the largest annual light construction show in the world, attracting 50,000 attendees from over 100 countries. Featuring the industry’s most important exhibitors from around the world showcasing the latest building products and technologies in the industry.

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NanaWall Systems Integration of Lamboo

Through innovative design and collaboration Lamboo Inc. is working close with our partner companies to bring to the market products that excel in sustainability, quality, and aesthetics.

As a result of these efforts two premium products are available through our partner NanaWall Systems. NanaWall, founded in 1986, delivers wood-framed, opening glass wall systems suitable for many architectural applications. In 1996, Nana Wall Systems entered into partnership with Solarlux of Germany, the world leader in operable glass wall technology. Today, with manufacturer’s representatives throughout the continent, Nana Wall Systems is the dominant provider of opening glass walls in North America. The following information is about the two main products NanaWall offers with Lamboo materials.

(NanaWall® WD65 — Folding or Paired-Panel Wood Framed System)

The WD65 is the folding or paired-panel framed system designed to provide an opening glass wall or storefront for widths up to 43′ with 12 panels. With additional paired panels, virtually unlimited widths are possible. It is a top hung system. Special applications include segmented curve units, center pivot options and various inward/outward panel combinations.

(NanaWall® WA67 — Aluminum Clad Lamboo Framed Folding System)

The WA67 is a Aluminum Clad system that features Lamboo material. These systems have the flexibility in both price and aesthetics to meet project requirements.

Lamboo products embody the essence of green design: the Energy Star-Certified NanaWall folding door system incorporates Lamboo as the most ecologically responsible wood-alternative material on the market today.

“We chose Lamboo because our customers requested more ecologically responsible material to use in LEED® certified projects,” said Ebrahim Nana, president of NanaWall Systems. “We already offer FSC wood but Lamboo takes the concept one step further and is recognized as a rapidly renewable resource by the U.S. Green Building Council.”

Lamboo products meet criteria for 2011 “CALGreen” A4.405.4 (Use of building materials from renewable sources) and contribute to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification under MR Credit 6 – Rapidly renewable materials, IEQ Credit 4.4 – Low-emitting materials; ID Credit 1 – Innovation in Design (Environmentally Preferable Material), and ID Credit 2 – Innovation in Design (Life Cycle Assessment / Environmental Impact).

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Lamboo – Renewable, Innovative, Engineered

In order to effectively provide our products in the domestic U.S. market, Lamboo is continually expanding within the Galesburg distribution hub. This centralized Illinois location enables Lamboo to deliver products coast to coast within 3-5 days following order of stocked products. Lamboo relies not only on the efficient programs and processes used to create our products but through logistics practices as well.

Galesburg Chamber of Commerce President Bob Maus, left, Lamboo’s Vice President of Operations Jeran Hammann, center, and Lamboo’s CEO Luke Schuette, right.

By having a major distribution facility within the sustainable business center in Galesburg, Lamboo is fulfilling its commitment of building a sustainable future not only for Lamboo but in the architecture industry in general. Success for Lamboo relies on building beneficial relationships with not only customers but both government and private organizations to ensure environmental resources are maintained and protected to ensure a bright future for everyone involved.

In 2012 and beyond Lamboo will continue to streamline logistics not only for rapid processing and delivery but to keep our clients better informed and engaged in the entire process from pre-sale consultation to post-sale support thereby building long lasting business relationships.

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Lamboo and the 2012 NAMM Show

NAMM, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), commonly called NAMM in reference to the organization’s popular trade shows, is the not-for-profit association that unifies, leads and strengthens the $17 billion global music products industry. NAMM trade shows serve as a hub for people wanting to seek out the newest innovations in musical products, recording technology, sound and lighting. NAMM’s activities and programs are designed to promote music making to people of all ages.

Lamboo representatives will be attending the 2012 NAMM Show in Anaheim California to represent the acoustical product applications made possible within the Lamboo® Design™ Series. Lamboo can be used in guitar necks, bodies, drums, or any other application that wood is normally used for.

(Above is an example of the integration of Lamboo within a guitar body.)

Utilizing Lamboo products fulfills the market demand of innovation in terms of both sustainability and quality. In today’s market place demands on natural resources and raw materials are progressively evolving and changing due to environmental conditions. The diminishing supply of Ebony and exotic hardwoods that are traditionally used within guitars, basses, and other musical instruments create a big issue within the music industry. While Ebony timber is near extinction with a harvest rate of 60-200 years and a yield of only 30% there becomes a question of what the alternatives will be in the future. Lamboo products with a 97% yield and rapid replenishment every 4-6 years provides a ideal alternative for the industry.

Our manufacturing processes use 15% less embodied energy than that of engineered wood and 300% less embodied energy than aluminum and steel. Bamboo also produces 30% more oxygen than a like sized timber forest area. These differences allow bamboo to grow faster and straighter than any known tree species.

Lamboo Telecaster featuring Horizontal-Natural finish

In addition to the environmental benefits Lamboo materials are available in a variety of grain and color schemes to provide for a unbelievable aesthetic appeal. As with all Lamboo products the Design™ series features unmatched quality with 20% higher stability than wood in moisture and temperature changes, 10 times stronger than wood in tension and 3 times stronger mechanically.
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