Lamboo integration in Pacific Architectural Millwork

Lamboo Inc. has partnered with Pacific Architectural Millwork to create an innovative design accompanied by Lamboo technology in windows and storefront systems. Lamboo’s LVB material has recently been showcased through Pacific Architectural Millwork in a storefront system at the International Builders Show 2010 in Las Vegas. Lamboo LVB window and door component materials are manufactured with exterior grade adhesives and are superior to many other materials through the use of a select bamboo species and other proprietary lamination processes.

(Lamboo utilized in Pacific storefront system at the International Builders Show 2010 in Las Vegas)

Pacific offers a variety of products for nearly any application including: folding, sliding, entry, lift & slide doors as well as expansive window and curtain wall systems.

Pacific’s extensive experience fabricating and installing custom systems for commercial and residential projects of all sizes and styles makes it one of the premier manufacturers.

The main product offering from Pacific utilizing Lamboo materials are curtain wall systems made possible from the Lamboo Renewall™ product line. This product line offers curtain wall members, storefront system components, and full systems and installation through our partners like Pacific.

The Lamboo Renewall™ can meet Passive House standards with the implementation of higher performance glass, unlike aluminum systems that cannot meet these standards. Renewall™ products can also attain up to 5 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits on qualifying projects.

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