Fender Lamboo Telecaster

On its 1951 introduction, the Telecaster® was a revolutionary instrument that would usher in whole new eras of musical innovation and excitement. Sixty years later, in 2011, it is an archetypal electric guitar with a long and storied history. The rich history of Fender® guitars begins with the Telecaster®, and they celebrated its 60th anniversary by offering the Lamboo® Telecaster® as one of their special “Tele-bration” models.

The Lamboo® Telecaster® is a stunning guitar that matches the long history and reputation of excellence of Fender® with the elegance and sustainability of Lamboo design engineered bamboo materials. The sense of tradition and loyalty Fender® has built with their customers is remarkable and Lamboo would like to help keep this alive by providing a sustainable option for the future.

For additional information about Lamboo, the Lamboo® Telecaster®, or any other products
please visit our website at www.lamboo.us or contact us at info@lamboo.us.


About lambooincorporated
I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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