Walsh Industries & Lamboo, Inc.

Walsh Industries, LLC of Portland, Oregon is a leader in providing glu-lam and other structural building materials for the international commercial construction market. Their investment and management role with Western Structures, Inc. further enhances their ability to deliver high quality glu-lams quickly and at competitive prices. Projects include stadiums, libraries, schools, restaurants, churches, resorts and high-end residences. Their customers are located all over Japan, China, Taiwan the Middle East, North America, India, England, Hong Kong and Singapore. Walsh Industries has a deep understanding of wood construction and the expertise to deliver into global markets.

Beyond the partnership with Western Structures, Walsh Industries enjoys long-term relationships with 5 US-based APA and JAS approved glu-lam plants. They also represent glu-lam manufacturers in Germany and Japan. Through the utilization Lamboo® Structure™ materials Walsh is able to provide quality systems that exhibit superior performance and sustainability to traditional hardwoods.

 For additional information about Lamboo, our products, or Walsh Industries please
visit our website at www.lamboo.us or contact us at info@lamboo.us.


About lambooincorporated
I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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