Sustainability of Bamboo

A number of bamboo product manufacturers have chosen to use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification as a demonstration of sustainability. However, FSC was designed for timber forests and not bamboo grass farms. Accordingly, Lamboo has chosen to go above and beyond FSC, and utilizes the global expertise of The Forest Trust to maintain a transparent system to ensure we obtain our bamboo from sustainably managed sources. Further, we use this system to verify that our manufacturing and distribution structures achieve the highest levels of sustainability.

Bamboo as a resource is the most sustainable plant used in the manufacturing of structural and architectural systems. Bamboo in comparison to timber takes 4 years to fully mature, where as timber on average takes 25 to 50 years to mature. Lamboo has 3 times the structural capacity of timber, achieving longer spans which allows for use of less material. Bamboo can be harvested without replanting, due to its root structure and grass like features, which also helps eliminate soil erosion. Unlike other crops, bamboo requires little or no pesticides to grow, because of a natural bio-agent that is bound to the plant at the molecular level.

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