Lamboo & Splinakis Ship Designs

Lamboo Inc.
has partnered with Splinakis Ship Design within the nautical industry for mega-yacht projects focusing on quality and sustainability. Pictured below is Andrea Splinakis with Lamboo President Luke Schuette and Peter Illig General Manager of the Switizerland office. Splinakis is the owner of Splinakis Ship Design that is based out of Italy with operations in Nigeria and Korea serving clients across the globe.

Splinakis Ship Design in cooperation with partners is offering Lamboo’s nautical grade laminated bamboo components within projects to take full advantage of its superior characteristics. Lamboo®  Elite™  material is great for the environment while featuring proprietary adhesives that resist moisture, bacteria/fungal growth, and being flame retardant as well.

(Image from J. Sung Design

The treacherous conditions of the sea make performance and durability critical factors in ship design and implementation to ensure safety for those who sail it. Splinakis Ship Design is committed to using the very best technology and design practices to meet these strenuous requirements and utilizing Lamboo is one way they are doing it.

To learn more about Lamboo, our operations, or products please visit our
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I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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