Congressman gets a close look at ‘green’ entrepreneurs

Posted: 04/06/2012 6:30 AM

Congressman Bobby Schilling, R-Colona, toured the Sustainable Business Center, in Galesburg Illinois, Thursday and voiced his support for the concept of “green companies” operated by entrepreneurs.

“Green to me is red, white and blue,” the congressman said. “It is not a Republican or a Democrat issue, it’s an American issue.”

While not an official celebration of the anniversary, the SBC is just more than a year old. Schilling not only was impressed by the facility and the entrepreneurs whose companies are beginning to fill it, he had kind words for the Galesburg area and its workforce.

“With all the hardships that happened here in Galesburg over a period of years, Galesburg has prepared to bounce back quite readily,” he said.

Lamboo founder and CEO Luke Schuette added. “We’re going to be doubling our capacity here”

The founder of the Springfield-based company specializing in the manufacture of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural and industrial applications said four more people will be hired here for distribution and fabrication work. Schuette said Lamboo also is launching its bamboo Surface™ table tops and countertops in conjunction with Redbud Ridge Custom Shop in Bartonville.

“Redbud is going to be hiring two people,” he said.

In addition, Schuette said bamboo has been added as a certified product to the International Building Code, something the company has been working on since 2007 and seen as a key to further expansion. He said Lamboo is completing distributorship agreements in Australia, Switzerland and Germany, as well continuing development of the Lamboo series of Fender guitars. Other expansions into Vietnam and possibly Panama in the future to acquire bamboo are part of the growing company’s many projects.

“Galesburg is a very important piece of the puzzle,” Schuette said.

(Excerpt of article by John Pulliam of House of Register-Mail. NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAMBOO INC.)

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