Lamboo: Bamboo Made Better?

The idea behind engineered wood products (EWP) is to make wood stronger and more flexible in terms of design applications like long-spans and curved beams. Bamboo is already a highly regarded, sustainable wood species, and now one company is trying to make it better by turning the best kinds of bamboo into an EWP.

Made of thin layers of bamboo held together by adhesives, Lamboo is an engineered, high-performance bamboo product for exterior and interior applications such as beams, trusses, panels, awning systems and more. Choosing from 1,600 different species of bamboo, the company has isolated four with the strongest cellular structures to compose its Lamboo product, which is reported to be ten times stronger in tension, three times stronger mechanically, and twenty percent more stable in moisture and temperature changes compared to its wood counterparts.

And then there are the inherent advantages of bamboo itself, one of the fastest growing plants in the world. It’s an easily renewable resource and a building material that offers some of the highest strength and stability ratings. Bamboo has a warm and soft texture that has won many fans in the remodeling world. So the question is, can Lamboo improve a wood species that’s already excellent in terms of performance and sustainability? I’d like to know.

You can request a quote or order samples from the Lamboo website.

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(Excerpt of article by Josh Englander of HGTV Remodels. NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAMBOO)

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  1. The benefits of using engineered wood floors include more resistance to higher moisture levels than solid wood flooring, which adds to their appeal to use in damp basements or in regions of the country that have higher relative humidity levels.

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