Bamboo Buildings | Bali’s Green Building Benchmark

As global temperatures rise, so too does the prevalence of green building across the globe. In both the first world and in developing countries, nations are delving deep into the industry sector in order to lower their countries’ carbon output and reduce the chance of drastic environmental consequences.

While the ideology is the same almost worldwide, the methodology is not, giving rise to innovative green building practices that are culturally unique and suited to specific environmental realities.

Israel’s commitment to developing a green building industry based on design principles of old is but one prime example of this. Now Bali is getting involved through the use of bamboo, which has been labeled the islands ‘emblem of sustainable construction.’

A report by the AFP demonstrated that industry members on the Indonesian island have transferred the use of bamboo from purely scaffolding purposes to using it as a key structural material that can replace concrete and steel.

It is incredibly positive in this industry to see different countries adapting to our world’s changing temperature and using their unique skills to tackle a global problem. If durability issues can be solved, Bali may just have a long and successful industry reliant on bamboo.

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(Excerpt of article by Jane Parkins of Construction Source. NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAMBOO)

Through innovative manufacturing Lamboo is able to overcome concerns on the durability of bamboo as a building material. Lamboo’s engineered bamboo is created through a lamination process utilizing proprietary adhesives to amplify the natural attributes of bamboo and increase performance. Bamboo is incredibly strong as a raw material but through Lamboo manufacturing a superior performing product is produced with embedded flame retardants. The production process also makes Lamboo products extremely resistant to water, pest, and microbial damage.

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Blog by: Dustin Dennison

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