Lamboo, Inc. partners with Max-R for sustainable bamboo product

(Wednesday, July 25, 2012) — Lamboo, Inc. and Max-R announce their partnership in the integration of engineered bamboo into Max-R products. With the use of bamboo materials, Lamboo and Max-R are committed to ensure growth and development to the industry as a whole.

Max-R manufactures a variety of site-furnishings, but specializes in making waste recycling enclosures tailored for their customers’ various needs and waste streams. Some of their products include modular foodservice stations, benches, planters and more.

“Using our products and seeing our products goes to show how different we are over the alternatives. The level of function they provide along with the way they look puts them on another playing field – they’re really an aesthetic recycling solution. A lot of people are beginning to see our waste and recycling enclosures as furnishings not just trash bins. That’s something that really sets us apart,” says Mark Hammer, Executive Vice President of Max-R.

Max-R takes a bottom up, through and through approach to sustainability. They use environmentally preferable materials in their products, pure recycled plastic and now bamboo. Taking that a step further, its how they make those products – using 100% renewable energy as an EPA Green Power Partner. Max-R believes that choosing sustainable materials amount to an investment in our future and by investing in green power, they take that pledge further by affecting positive change in another way.

Lamboo, Inc. specializes in the manufacturing of engineered bamboo for structural, architectural and industrial applications worldwide. Bamboo as a lingo-cellulosic fiber can be processed into products with enormous advantages in mechanical properties. In its engineered form, laminated bamboo provides great durability, uniformity and strength.

Lamboo, Inc. CEO and Founder, Luke Schuette says, “We are pleased to see our premium products being utilized within Max-R’s markets including; education, restaurants, governmental and park applications. Max-R’s unique position within the market is very exciting to us and ensures Lamboo’s growth. With this ongoing partnership we are excited to see our continued growth.”

Lamboo recognizes the growing demand for superior products that deliver outstanding performance, while respecting our planet and our neighbors. Lamboo products are not only a superior option of traditional sources in terms of quality and performance, but are a highly sustainable option as well. Accordingly, Lamboo introduces uniformity, workability and the ease of integration that make it a great fit for any Max-R product.

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Press Release provided by Vanessa Summers of Lamboo Incorporated.

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