The world’s first bamboo tender. Introduced by Lamboo and Sigmund Yacht Design

Lamboo would like to introduce the world’s first tender designed with the rapidly renewable resource of bamboo, the Lamboo® Tender R1.

A tender is a small vessel designed to be lightweight and agile to ferry supplies and passengers between a larger vessel such as a yacht to other ships.

Sigmund Yacht Design
, leading yacht and tender design firm, chose Lamboo materials due to the superior strength and performance attributes of our laminated bamboo.

This showcase is a key example of both companies’ commitment to integration of environmentally responsible methods matched with innovative engineering of performance materials into the nautical market.

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visit our website at or contact us at 866-966-2999


Blog by: Dustin Dennison

About lambooincorporated
I am a marketing representative for Lamboo Incorporated

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