Stronger bamboo industry pushed for 2016 by DTI

The Department of Trade and Industry pushing for a robust and sustainable Philippine bamboo industry by 2016, its press release said.

The agency is also eyeing to help position the country as a key player in the world bamboo industry next to China by 2020.

The Philippine Bamboo Congress was organized recently to increase public awareness on the potentials of bamboo. By maximizing the use of bamboo in producing products like furniture and construction materials, DTI Undersecretary for Regional Operations and Development Group Merly Cruz said.

The move, Cruz said, aimed to stimulate economic growth and increase job creation, particularly for the marginalized sectors in the countryside, and to contribute in the mitigation of climate change.

By 2016, the DTI targets to create 37,648 jobs and 1,191 micro, small and medium enterprises in the country’s bamboo industry.

It also aims to generate Php744.48 million worth of investments, and P800.1 million in domestic sales from 2012 to 2016.

In 2009, the Philippines was among the top exporters of bamboo products and ranked 6th worldwide with a total export value of $30 million, according to the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan.

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(Excerpt of article by the Daily Star. NOT AFFILIATED WITH LAMBOO)

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