Lamboo Inc. Partners with Canducci Group to Form the Most Eco-Sustainable Building Systems

UntitledLamboo and Canducci are pleased to announce the expansion of their collaborative efforts to develop the most eco-sustainable building systems with low energy consumption throughout Europe and surrounding regions. The Canducci Group is the premier European structural material specialist and glu-lam fabricator with a remarkable history of diversity, innovation, culture, and natural stewardship in the wood construction industry. Lamboo Inc.’s structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) technology signifies the next generation of greenbuilding products due to its superior structural, thermal performance, durability, uniformity, and sustainable attributes. This alliance brings new possibilities to the forefront of ecologically aware architecture and the firms’ shared commitment to quality and creativity.

“The spread of Lamboo’s structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) technology throughout Europe requires the expertise and authenticity of construction industry professionals like the Canducci Group,” said Luke Schuette, President of Lamboo Inc. “Both of our firms know that collaboration grows market awareness, and we believe that our partnership will significantly multiply the integration of this technology in the European market with noteworthy professionalism.” Here, the Canducci Group’s large network of influence and capacity to innovate becomes central:

“The construction sector is highly orientated towards stronger, more efficient, more durable materials, and I personally believe structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) has all the credentials to push the construction quality beyond expected limits”; “Today’s architects ask for longer life spans, higher volume, and fancy finished materials: Lamboo’s advanced technology offers these performances and more; it is what we were looking for!,” added Davide Canducci, CEO of Canducci Group srl.

At both Lamboo Inc. and the Canducci Group new tools, networks, and technology are being developed to help evolve the excellence expected in their industries. Together Lamboo Inc. and Canducci are pioneering biocompatible design of engineered glued laminated bamboo structures to elevate the aesthetics and performance of materials in the XXI century.

Company Information

Lamboo Logo_No background_SmallLamboo, Inc. is an American material technology and manufacturing company founded with the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientists, and biotechnology specialists. Anchored by a culture of innovation, our nonnegotiable purpose is the development of sustainable design technology for high-performance OEM applications as well as architectural, structural, and design industries
worldwide. Lamboo Inc. aspires to be a corporate change-maker through ground-breaking products, sustainable practices, and distinguished partnerships.

Canducci-Logo-770x533pxThe Canducci Group is a long-established glued laminated service company with roots in the market of timber and bamboo construction, both in Italy and the international building sector. The Canducci Group’s deep knowledge of structure and design, together with a firm commitment to the engineering design process, make the firm a reliable partner able to meet every kind of architectural request related to glued laminated structures. The Canducci Group shows consistent commitment since 1940 to advanced engineered solutions, top quality raw materials, specialized human resources, rigorous safety norms, reliability and punctuality, and cost-efficiency.