Lamboo Partners with Leading Site Furnishing Company, Anova

CroppedLamboo, Inc. is pleased to announce a new exclusive partnership with Anova® located in St. Louis, MO. Anova is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality site furnishings at an exceptional value. With this exclusive partnership, Anova has integrated Lamboo Technologies into its arsenal of material solutions in commercial outdoor furnishings.

Lamboo leads the materials revolution in providing one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, laminated veneer bamboo (LVB). With superior structural and mechanical properties over other natural and engineered building materials, Anova is leading the industry by bringing Lamboo’s technology into current product offerings and developing a pipeline of exciting new product lines, setting Anova apart from other site furnishing companies.

Lamboo + Anova image 3

“Anova is definitely a company that shares the same vision when it comes to innovation and sustainable design” says Lamboo Vice President of Operations, Jeran Hammann. “We here at Lamboo are very fortunate to have paralleled with such a strong company whose focus on performance, design, innovation, and sustainability aligns with Lamboo’s core values to market supply. This partnership between our companies will help advancements in site furnishing development and future solutions to customers focused on performance and sustainable products.”

Jared Stinehagen, Director of Sales at Anova stated “At Anova, we’re continually looking at how our materials align with our core values of beauty and comfort. We’ve traditionally stayed away from natural hardwoods because of the harvesting and sustainability concerns. With Lamboo we found a partner that affords us a far superior material in both sustainability and durability that we’re eager to bring to the market.” Katherine Wilson, the Director of Marketing at Anova added “We’re excited to see just how far reaching this partnership will be in terms of new product development and site planning.”  Both Lamboo and Anova are utilizing patented technologies, new tools and networks to develop captivating, quality products that satisfy customers’ need for sustainable designs.

Anova + Lamboo image 1Lamboo, Inc. is an American material technology and manufacturing company founded with the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientists, and biotechnology specialists. Our purpose is the development of sustainable design technology for high-performance OEM applications as well as architectural, structural, and design industries worldwide. For more information about Lamboo products, go to

Anova is the proud manufacturer of high-quality site furniture at an exceptional value. For more than 40 years, Anova has been an innovator of site furnishings. Anova creates first and lasting impressions in public spaces, enhancing the beauty and comfort of any environment. For more information, go to