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Lamboo is off to a roaring start for 2015 and is proud to be executing projects with the most premium brands, companies, and professionals in the industry. We certainly appreciate all of our partners and patrons that are currently integrating Lamboo’s material technologies into their designs, projects, and products.

Please visit our new site featuring ultra-user-friendliness and easily downloadable resources for designers, architects, engineers, and industry professionals. Check out the new site here:

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Solar Structures with Lamboo® Material Technologies

Lamboo Solar - Screen ShotLAMBOO® Solar™ Structural Solutions offer an array of structural products as well as full turn-key solar solutions with the integration of our high-performance engineered structural bamboo products – Laminated Veneer Bamboo (LVB). With LAMBOO® SOLAR™ STRUCTURES, systems can achieve greater strengths, longer spans, and extreme durability, and perhaps most importantly, accomplish strong aesthetics. Our products can be fabricated into common dimensional components, purlins, glu-lam beams, and within hybrid solar structure solutions in conjunction with aluminum, steel, and other materials. Lamboo products may contribute up to 5 LEED Credits for qualified projects.

New Site for Exterior Wall Cladding Products and Solutions

Lamboo invites everyone to visit our new site specializing in exterior wall cladding products for all of your product integration needs. The new LAMBOO® RAINSCREEN™ website allows ease of specification and understanding of the products, applications for this natural yet high performance cladding solution. Architects, design professionals, and general contractors will recognize this as an easily installed turn-key integration as our LAMBOO® RAINSCREEN™ series of products offer sustainability, aesthetic qualities, and durability that are unmatched by most any other products within the industry.  Please direct any inquiries for LAMBOO® RAINSCREEN™ via our new product website here!  For more specific information about Lamboo® material technologies, feel free to call us at 866-966-2999 or email us at



New documentary on architect, Vo Trong Nghia, and his use of bamboo in his masterpieces

A wonderful new documentary on the famous Vietnamese architect, Vo Trong Nghia, was recently published and entitled “Rebel Architecture-Greening the City”. Mr. Nghia is pioneering a distinctive place for bamboo in worldwide architecture and has created mesmerizing structures time and again. Like Lamboo, he believes bamboo offers distinctive acoustics, structural advantages, and durability that will ultimately shape the future of sustainable architecture. See the video below!

Lamboo Materials Showcased at ASLA Annual Expo 2014 in Denver, Colorado

Anova will be showcasing the Lamboo® Elements™ materials at the 2014 ASLA Annual Expo this weekend, November 21-24th in Denver, Colorado. ASLA is the largest gathering of landscape architecture professionals in the world with over 500 exhibitors. Anova will be showcasing their new sustainable and aesthetic bamboo collection in booth #1215. Stop by and view these beautiful displays!

Anova - Beacon Hill Tuscany Allure

For more information about Lamboo Technologies and materials, please contact Lamboo at 866-966-2999 or email:

New Site for Interior Design Millwork Products and Solutions

Lamboo, Inc. invites everyone to visit our new interior design and millwork site for your product integration needs. This new site was designed to allow our valued clients and customers to more easily access our interior millwork solutions through the integration of panels, veneer, and components. This ultra-simplified and streamlined site also allows for ease of specification and understanding of the products, applications, and solutions. This site will appeal to architects, engineers, and design professionals whom appreciate the performance, sustainability, and aesthetics and the multifaceted characteristics that our Lamboo® Design™ series of products have to offer.  Please direct any inquiries for Lamboo® Design™ via our new product website here! For more information about Lamboo® material technologies, please email us at

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Lamboo Inc. is proud to announce the co-development of manufacturing infrastructure in Colombia with Guadua Bamboo

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Lamboo Inc. is proud to announce the co-development of manufacturing infrastructure in Colombia with Guadua Bamboo! This development will allow Lamboo and Guadua Bamboo to spearhead the industrialization of bamboo and its engineered forms within the Western Hemisphere. The highest quality raw bamboo materials will be provided through Guadua Bamboo’s sustainable bamboo farms. The cutting-edge technology for engineered bamboo will be generated by Lamboo and its team of technical professionals. From Lamboo’s Weavecore™ bamboo plywood to its Lamboo® Structure™ performance materials, we foresee increased activity and visibility in all sectors through this great partnership.

For all sales, please contact ( or call 866-966-2999.

Lamboo and Bond Interiors Partner to Deliver Luxury Showcases throughout the Middle East

Lamboo and Bond Interiors announce their strategic partnership to deliver exceptional quality and signature showcases with Lamboo materials throughout the Middle East. Lamboo Inc. is the world’s leading technology company in laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) for structural, architectural, and specifically design applications. With over three decades of experience, Bond Interiors is widely renown for its swiftness and consistency on turnkey, luxury projects in the hospitality, healthcare, corporate, bank, retail, and fine-dining sectors. Both Lamboo Inc. and Bond Interiors intend to use this relationship to strengthen the introduction of higher performance Lamboo materials in the Middle East, and to solidify the companies as the forerunners of material advancement in this region.

“Bond Interiors symbolizes reliability and signature craftsmanship, and their work emboldens every project they undertake,” said President Luke Schuette of Lamboo. “Bond Interiors has always taken important steps toward providing superior resources for its clients and to expand the excellence of its offerings. Lamboo Inc. and its innovative materials are proud to be part of this evolution as the aesthetics and performance of our products can be flawlessly integrated into Bond Interiors’ beautiful showpieces.”

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“We are proud to announce this valued partnership with Lamboo.Inc. Bond Interiors is known through the region for its workmanship and innovation in materials,” said Saad Moaswes, Managing Director of Bond. “The association with Lamboo will facilitate us to introduce a superior range of materials and finishes which comply with sustainability and environmental parameters,” he added.

Lamboo Inc. and Bond Interiors have extensive experience in their respective industries, and each company has undertaken award-winning work for their design, accuracy, embrace of new technologies, and construction methods.

Company Information:

Lamboo, Inc. is an American material technology and manufacturing company founded with the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientists, and biotechnology specialists. Anchored by a culture of innovation, our nonnegotiable purpose is the development of sustainable design technology for high-performance OEM applications as well as architectural, structural, and design industries worldwide. Lamboo Inc. aspires to be a corporate change-maker through ground-breaking products, sustainable practices, and distinguished partnerships.

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Bond Interiors is a Middle Eastern company operating from UAE since 1986, and is an interior contracting company dedicated to the highest quality in Turnkey Fit out and FF&E supplies. With over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space, latest technology in machinery and 1800 highly qualified employees, Bond Interiors is known for workmanship of unsurpassable quality and punctuality in delivery. The firm’s versatility is showcased with high end projects across market sectors of Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking, Corporate, Retail and F&B throughout the Middle East.

Lamboo Partners with Leading Site Furnishing Company, Anova

CroppedLamboo, Inc. is pleased to announce a new exclusive partnership with Anova® located in St. Louis, MO. Anova is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high-quality site furnishings at an exceptional value. With this exclusive partnership, Anova has integrated Lamboo Technologies into its arsenal of material solutions in commercial outdoor furnishings.

Lamboo leads the materials revolution in providing one of the most sustainable materials on the planet, laminated veneer bamboo (LVB). With superior structural and mechanical properties over other natural and engineered building materials, Anova is leading the industry by bringing Lamboo’s technology into current product offerings and developing a pipeline of exciting new product lines, setting Anova apart from other site furnishing companies.

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“Anova is definitely a company that shares the same vision when it comes to innovation and sustainable design” says Lamboo Vice President of Operations, Jeran Hammann. “We here at Lamboo are very fortunate to have paralleled with such a strong company whose focus on performance, design, innovation, and sustainability aligns with Lamboo’s core values to market supply. This partnership between our companies will help advancements in site furnishing development and future solutions to customers focused on performance and sustainable products.”

Jared Stinehagen, Director of Sales at Anova stated “At Anova, we’re continually looking at how our materials align with our core values of beauty and comfort. We’ve traditionally stayed away from natural hardwoods because of the harvesting and sustainability concerns. With Lamboo we found a partner that affords us a far superior material in both sustainability and durability that we’re eager to bring to the market.” Katherine Wilson, the Director of Marketing at Anova added “We’re excited to see just how far reaching this partnership will be in terms of new product development and site planning.”  Both Lamboo and Anova are utilizing patented technologies, new tools and networks to develop captivating, quality products that satisfy customers’ need for sustainable designs.

Anova + Lamboo image 1Lamboo, Inc. is an American material technology and manufacturing company founded with the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientists, and biotechnology specialists. Our purpose is the development of sustainable design technology for high-performance OEM applications as well as architectural, structural, and design industries worldwide. For more information about Lamboo products, go to

Anova is the proud manufacturer of high-quality site furniture at an exceptional value. For more than 40 years, Anova has been an innovator of site furnishings. Anova creates first and lasting impressions in public spaces, enhancing the beauty and comfort of any environment. For more information, go to

Lamboo Inc. Partners with Canducci Group to Form the Most Eco-Sustainable Building Systems

UntitledLamboo and Canducci are pleased to announce the expansion of their collaborative efforts to develop the most eco-sustainable building systems with low energy consumption throughout Europe and surrounding regions. The Canducci Group is the premier European structural material specialist and glu-lam fabricator with a remarkable history of diversity, innovation, culture, and natural stewardship in the wood construction industry. Lamboo Inc.’s structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) technology signifies the next generation of greenbuilding products due to its superior structural, thermal performance, durability, uniformity, and sustainable attributes. This alliance brings new possibilities to the forefront of ecologically aware architecture and the firms’ shared commitment to quality and creativity.

“The spread of Lamboo’s structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) technology throughout Europe requires the expertise and authenticity of construction industry professionals like the Canducci Group,” said Luke Schuette, President of Lamboo Inc. “Both of our firms know that collaboration grows market awareness, and we believe that our partnership will significantly multiply the integration of this technology in the European market with noteworthy professionalism.” Here, the Canducci Group’s large network of influence and capacity to innovate becomes central:

“The construction sector is highly orientated towards stronger, more efficient, more durable materials, and I personally believe structural laminated veneer bamboo (LVB) has all the credentials to push the construction quality beyond expected limits”; “Today’s architects ask for longer life spans, higher volume, and fancy finished materials: Lamboo’s advanced technology offers these performances and more; it is what we were looking for!,” added Davide Canducci, CEO of Canducci Group srl.

At both Lamboo Inc. and the Canducci Group new tools, networks, and technology are being developed to help evolve the excellence expected in their industries. Together Lamboo Inc. and Canducci are pioneering biocompatible design of engineered glued laminated bamboo structures to elevate the aesthetics and performance of materials in the XXI century.

Company Information

Lamboo Logo_No background_SmallLamboo, Inc. is an American material technology and manufacturing company founded with the combined experience of seasoned architects, structural engineers, material scientists, and biotechnology specialists. Anchored by a culture of innovation, our nonnegotiable purpose is the development of sustainable design technology for high-performance OEM applications as well as architectural, structural, and design industries
worldwide. Lamboo Inc. aspires to be a corporate change-maker through ground-breaking products, sustainable practices, and distinguished partnerships.

Canducci-Logo-770x533pxThe Canducci Group is a long-established glued laminated service company with roots in the market of timber and bamboo construction, both in Italy and the international building sector. The Canducci Group’s deep knowledge of structure and design, together with a firm commitment to the engineering design process, make the firm a reliable partner able to meet every kind of architectural request related to glued laminated structures. The Canducci Group shows consistent commitment since 1940 to advanced engineered solutions, top quality raw materials, specialized human resources, rigorous safety norms, reliability and punctuality, and cost-efficiency.