Research & Development

Lamboo Inc. research and product development has officially been underway since January of 2003, but was initiated by our staff with over 65 years of combined bio-material research and testing experience from similar industries. Through testing and species analysis, Lamboo has identified 4 out of 1600 bamboo species that have superior cellular structure, mechanical properties and optimal yield characteristics. Test results show that bamboo has high tensile strength, high stability, and excellent compression properties. The average modulus of elasticity is higher than any wood species which gives Lamboo the performance to attain more uniformity while achieving in longer spans.

Lamboo R&D encompasses multiple levels of analysis including: Species, Growth Cycle, Carbon Sequestration, Climate, Regions, Adhesives, Manufacturing, and Logistics. Lamboo’s proprietary lamination process and technology, positions us to be as sustainable as our products.

As market trends show designers are looking for innovative products to fulfill the requirements of future projects. Products must be stronger, environmentally friendly, and long lasting. Lamboo Inc. is the company that can achieve these results.


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