Lamboo product information listing with ARCAT

ARCAT, Inc. is a premier building materials information resource for architects, spec writers, engineers, and contractors. The ARCAT directory/database is designed to be an efficient point of reference to collect information on a variety of building materials and product systems. The strength of ARCAT lies both in its great reputation/reliability and the uniformity of its listings.

The ARCAT website includes 10,500 manufacturer listings by alpha or CSI section, 9000 BIM Models, 900 specs all in the CSI 3 part format, 300 SpecWizards for automated spec writing and 7,000 CAD Details. All of these files and documents are in a uniform ARCAT format allowing for research that is faster and much easier. Site users can search and download information on multiple products/projects all in same place and format, reducing costs and time for the user. ARCAT is free and requires no registration to use.

Lamboo is taking advantage of the ARCAT system through the use of a company profile. On the Profile product information and specifications will be made available for individuals and companies interested in using Lamboo products, all free of charge. Lamboo currently maintains an expansive Resource Library on our website but is pleased to add this simple yet powerful profile as a resource for ARCAT users.

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